Executive Thought Leadership

How do you want to be known? What’s your legacy? Whether you’re giving a speech, moderating a panel or creating blog content, the stories you share define your leadership brand. This work is a huge asset for you, your team and your company — but it’s the work that we often back-burner because we’re too scared or too busy.

With over 10 years of experience working with executives in music, travel, tech and finance and a gift for storytelling, I know how to draw your story out with ease. I take the weight off, giving you the space to be creative without getting derailed by the little details. I am a thought partner — a safe place to explore new ideas and get comfortable with content.

Culture + Brand Strategy

We often think of branding as design: logos, colors, fonts. If a brand were a person, these elements would be their clothes. Clothes are important, but they don’t guide how we show up in the world. For this level of identity, you need to understand a person’s character, what they value and how they make choices. This is the depth of story, positioning and strategy that customers and employees need from modern brands. Customers want to support companies that align with their values. And employees want to build companies they believe in.

This is not alchemy. It’s authenticity. And people need it.

I am a full-stack communications expert with experience building household-name brands and internal culture work to support brand storytelling from the inside out. I help rally your key stakeholders and build an authentic brand story with them. This comes to life across your website, career page, customer service macros, webinars — anywhere your employees touch customers.

Storytelling Training + Coaching

Looking to take your career to the next level? Storytelling training can help you master the communications skills you need to lead. I’ll teach you the formula for telling a good story…and it works for everything, from blog posts to presentations. I help distill your idea from a fuzzy cloud to a clear point of view with a supporting structure that works for your intended audience. Whether you need an editor or someone to help you with the heavy lifting, I am here to give you the support you need to create memorable stories that move people.

Workshops are available for companies who want to offer professional development opportunities to their people and for individuals who want to invest in themselves. Contact me for more information.